Friday, 3 October 2014

From Horses to courses, driven in an #ecarriage through Central Park

So, no doubt you've followed the wonderful people of NYC coming out and protesting for the preservation of the enviroment just a few weeks ago, well another ecological concern was what to do about horses being used in the center of a busy polluted city.

So how ecological is a horse drawn carriage ride through the magnificent Central Park?

Opinion was divided when Bloomberg, the city's then mayor decided to take horses out of the equation.

Some in favour of getting rid of the horse rides used the argument that many of these horses were tired, weren't treated well, and hey wasnt this 2014? shouldn't we stop using animals for our own entertainment in this pollution- shouldn't horses be free to do what horses do?
 Some in favour for keeping the horse rides because it was traditional, it is something that's been going on for years of course and the horses are confined to a non-car environment path in the park.
Given that the horses used are the ones best suited to this type of work and unable to do heavier labor some said the horses would be slaughterd, and this was more cruel, effectively stopping the horse drawn carriage rides, would end the horses lives.

Whatever your opinion on these issues, they have gone.

But the creative people at"Creative Workshops" in Dana Beach, Florida have come up with a environmentally friendly alternative.
The horseless E-Carriage! based on the original carriage from 1911 the clever engineering folk in Florida have created an almost exact replica, only this time the car is electronic, and so less of those harmful pollutants, while still keeping the horses free from the labour.
It's had a day in NYC, take a look at it next to central park below and follow updates on their FB page, they have all the  history to the cars and engineering process it took to get here on there as well as other fab pictures and video, they're also doing one for Arizona.

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