Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hailing a New York Taxi

It sounds simple doesn't it.. I'm sure it is for the less self conscious New Yorker.
But I needed to meet my beau downtown (look I'm using the lingo ;)) for dinner last night. Despite my wanting to use the Subway- I've been a public transport girl all my life. I was told that I needed to get a taxi if I was to make it on time. So I gave in.

The thing is I was a little bit worried to be standing on the sidewalk/pavement sticking my hand out as if stopping a bus, when no bus was coming...
Anyway I got my thermals on bundled up and took a deep breath as I went out to hail my first ever New York Taxi alone.
Two passed me... not one, two... yes, they had their 'I'm available ' light on, no they didn't have the side one's on saying 'off duty'.
I started to feel a like a right twat, standing there while available cabs just drove on, trying to keep my head down hoping no-one was watching.. and I couldn't understand it...
Why would they drive past a fare? Maybe because it was dark? It seemed so much easier in London..
Thankfully soon after a yellow cab stopped to drop a neighbour off, and I just ran up to take advantage of the serendipity of it all.. perhaps I am too British and polite about it all, not standing in the road enough, politely putting up my hand, only when I see a light on top??All I know is I don't wanna be doing that again soon... it was embarrassing!!


  1. Ha ha I know just what you mean. I went all helpless and coy about getting a cab in London last time I visited. Its easy out of London,, you just call one, Trent cars never failed me yet! It's bound to be easier second time round ;) x

  2. Maybe if you had my red coat on and jumped out in front of traffic they would have stopped- LOL!
    I don't like doing it either, and yes, they don't stop sometime, but whatever!

  3. Lol!! Penny, I get a little nervous too in London truth be known! Fingers crossed it will get easier!
    Milena: Lol yes, I'll borrow your coat on Taxi Hailing nights! Thank heaven I'm not the only one it happens to!

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