Monday, 24 May 2010


Well, this is my first blog entry, I've touched down into JFK, and pulled aside by immigration asking why I'm staying so long.. when I told them I may move here with my boyfriend permanently they told me to 'get him to give you a ring!' Bless em.
Now even immigration approve of my potential nuptuials!

So we are in our temporary flat which is nicely if not plainly furnished with a amazing view of the Empire State, the Chrysler and another tall nicely sculpted building of which I have yet to find the name of.
I soon found out that we are staying in the Lower East side, which is full of bars, restaurants and clubs, great to go out in.. not so great to sleep, when you're jet lagged and dealing with 'emotional moving syndrome' the fire trucks, the police cars and ambulances all dutifully come past with their sirens all times of the day and night which seem to be right below the window despite being on the eleventh floor.
But add to this the yellow Taxi's and even the normal cars adding their horns as if it were going out of fashion..let me know... I have arrived in New York...

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