Monday, 24 May 2010

Week Three the Cuban contingent

Well, for the main part of this week I have been in Miami, doing some errands for the flat there and picking up stuff, whilst also having a fellow journo stay, which was great as we talked incessantly about everything and nothing and connected.
On the way over I was accosted by this lovely 70 year old Cuban man, sat next to me on the plane because his seat was broken, who told me my country had let 'the enemy in' and that we needed to 'kill them all, before they come kill you in your sleep' he was referring to the Iranians, Pakistani's and Afghanistan people that reside in the UK- I know because he said so, very loudly, as if announcement to the entire plane. That he hates Labour because they had socialist policies and he knew all about that from the good ol Fidel Castro. Clearly he thought it was the same thing. Although not sure if Tony Blair or Gordon Brown would have been able to carry off the cap.

It was clearly pointless to argue with the old man, and surely he meant well enough- as though giving me advice to take back home next time I popped into number 10, but he was so loud about it all. I tried my hardest to be polite and British, and explain that it wasn't like that over there at all, but that religious tollerance and freedom of faith and worship was something that made us Brits very proud of our country. That perhaps he should get on a plane and visit, see it for himself... surprise, surprise he was having none of it. And then the captain told us that take off was delayed for and hour and we would be sitting on the tarmac.... a woman (lil me) was screaming in my head!
Luckily in the row in front was a 20 year old medical student from NYU who jumped into the conversation, the universe was kind because he was of Cuban origin and had just got back from living in the UK for four months and loved traveling around Europe and loved London. Phew, even though it probably hurt his neck, he twisted and talked to us both, he also said stuff in Spanish, which made the guy next to me less domineering.. still I did the polite thing and smiled even though he'd just slated my country and it's politics to the entire plane.

Back in New York mid week and again taking it easy.. the estate agent, otherwise known as 'Broker' had been replaced and we finally had an apartment, things are looking good.

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