Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Week Two - The house search

So I met our Estate agent this week- otherwise known as our Broker in these here parts.
Lovey spry blonde woman, my first native that I've had contact with.. in the first ten minutes I learn that she also is looking to move into Manhattan - upper west side infact- which is where we were looking, and she needed a three bedroom, this was because she was divorcing her husband and taking her two daughters with her.
She apologises for getting personal, then proceeds to tell me that she's met someone else who also happens to live on the upper west side and that she isn't quite divorced yet, and 'Oh that probably seems really bad to you' then continues with what a great time she had with her husband, but they argue too much and besides this new guy is so connected to her, oh and they're celebrating their one year anniversary this weekend, going to a spa, her husband can look after the girls...She tells me she wont be available at the weekend due to her trip...but later changes that to my boyfriend to say she has another client...
I still have my English politeness on, the way you are when you first meet someone you hardly know- smiles and nods and the idea that people here are not at all worried to share their personal lives, even on a mobile (cell phone) conversation in the middle of the street.
She puts me through my paces. She is 10 years my senior and she can walk up those brown stones as if it were a breeze, I am puffing and panting my way up the numerous staircases and catching my breath as we look into yet another flat/apartment which has little room to swing a rat, nevermind cat.

She shows me 10 more the same. I start to doubt if she knows the area at all, we double back many blocks many times.. I am exhausted and she hasn't even stopped for a drink. I need to.
So we have a short stop for a drink and she wants to do more. I have taken photo's of all these apartments but now think I am not sure where one starts and another ends.

She finally conceeds to pick this up again tomorrow and I come back to fall asleep on the temp apartment couch and totally oversleep meeting the boyfriend. With only UK mobiles/cells I begin to panic that he is waiting and it will cost me a fortune to tell him I just woke up...

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