Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A little get away to Nantucket and the beer drinking Squirrel

To ease our transition and to get more acclimatised, the boyfriend suggested we take a long weekend down to Nantucket. Amazing dosen't even begin to describe it.

It's tranquil, idyllic and peaceful. People are friendly and the isle being only 14miles wide make it small enough to while away the time just looking onto the horizon.

In case you had more in mind to get you going you have that option too, hire mopeds or a Jeep as we did and drive up along the sand road in a 4 wheel drive, the mopeds took us up to trails, and the Jeep took us into the beach, where Seals were swimming just meters from us just as curious about us as we were about them, and then more amazing scencs of wildlife surrounds you birds nesting and Hare's running around, horse shoe crabs and snapper head turtles.

Course we were there when FIGAWE was happening, a boat race for 200 miles from Hyannis - a nearby port to Nantucket and back, the race is over three days so particpants arrive into Nantucket Saturday night get truly bevvied up.. well plastered is more like it, to return on the Monday, and the tranquil island turns into party island, people are in great spirits and really friendly, we were at a bar downing a few beers and fried jalapeno rings- who knew you could fry the little rings into batter- when a nice lively group came in and were encouraged by our bar maid to do a dance of the 'squirrel', he said he'd do it when he was more drunk, but she persuaded him by changing the music and a tad jeering from his mates, and well pretty much the whole bar.. then course, he showed everyone his squirrel- that'd be yes, the squirrel in his pants! Thank heaven the bar was quite high up where we were sitting, so I got away with no visuals, though it put me off those Jalapenos!

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