Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Footie Art

I did manage to check out some footie art here (above) at Columbus Circle, on the Sunday before I fell to the fever, check out the pictures, below is a painting of England 3 Lions, tied to the victory of 66. In the exhibtion it explained how us Brits had invented football, but find it hard to win. humm..

Nigeria shockingly knocked out so early and the hosts South Africa, always smiling..

Above the USA picture, presumably in choppy water and not on a pitch is symbolic?
The Netherlands and New Zealand below. Interesting &nice to see the US getting into the spirit,when I lived in California they insisted on calling it Soccer and had no idea or interest in a World Cup.

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  1. Fascinating look at Football! I wonder how our cousins across the pond want their footballers to behave and whether they are supposed to have a moral compass like our 'lads'...Favourite world cup joke so far...John Terry is so traumatized he won’t be able to sleep with a teammate’s wife for WEEKS