Monday, 28 June 2010

Sick as a Dog, in the height of Summer

Apologies for the lack of posting! I have been very poorly, as if it all caught up with me at once, after moving in for only 3 days, I fell to a fever.. of course being sick and confined to your bed is the same as anyone might imagine.
After 8 days of being ill though, I finally conceded to seeing a Dr.
As the US currently lack an NHS we had to find somewhere they took the uninsured, and ended up at a rather large Boots or Superdrug type place called Duane Reade, the waiting room was just a row of chairs basically in the shop, and a room for a 'nurse' and another for the Dr.
Suffice to say the waiting time and the Nurse care was very much NHS, she wasn't able to spell Beclamethazone and asked me, I wasn't really able to talk due to lack of coughing and breath. She got irritated, said nevermind.
He was as my GP was, friendly and proffessional. Prescribed me my medicine and sent me on my way.
In a matter of minutes. But then came the crushing part of having to part with $135 plus $16 per prescription!

I have a way to go before I'm really on form, but as if on purpose, I saw 'Taube' from House a few minutes later walking up the street...a actor Dr after seeing a real Dr.. this must be the perks of NY.

By the way it's blazing hot outside, and still not on form to go chill in the park..still World Cup is on..happy days..

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