Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunshine in Central park, turtles, racoons, Uma Thurman and the fallen child

Anyone in New York will tell you, the weather has been awful for this time of year, the rain poured and I mean torrential, on Saturday night for hours, even parts of NY state were flooded.

So as Sunday beamed into a sunny day, windy, but sunny, we went to the park! After a nice long walk past the boats, and the little turtles who seemed too, to be trying to soak up a little sun.
Four on a log, the first one looks like his shell may have been out in the sun a bit too long
Like most New Yorkers, the turtles share a small space

We sat leisurely on a bench, watching the remote controlled boats or 'model sail boats' float around the large pond/conservatory water. (not pictured, we were just soaking up the sun)
Sunshine on our face, and a very busy park, we were dreaming of summer... suddenly, I hear this skid, and then an abrupt stop, I look to my left and a small child has fallen face down the slippery, dirty dusty path.

Of course we're expecting her mum or dad to walk up at any moment and pick, her up, and she lies there a split second too long.. the tears and wailing begin and some ladies about to walk past, run to her aid.
One lady, quite tall, bends down to pick her up.
Now I could be a bit paranoid, but I think she looked at us- split second kinda look- that said 'aren't you going to help this kid/child!' such disdain..tisk tisk..
Anyway her father came rushing down, pushing the other child along in a push chair/stroller, and scooped his child quickly back 'are you all-right sweetie??' thanking the lady, but very clearly showing she was no longer required.
So I looked up at this good samaritan who seemed to be over her disdain for me and boyfriend and saw that it was Uma Thurman!
Mad! How New York is that?!

The boyfriend, had stopped looking until I told him who'd just past us, then commented on how he should fall down.
The mum meanwhile came down the hill, to her little girl and exclaimed 'You just got picked up by Uma Thurman!!' I couldn't help but lean forward and nod to confirm and join in the incredulous scene. Love that about being here, when the pot melts, it welcomes everyone in the discussion, this family were from Australia, but my UK instinct to not say too much relegated me to a beaming smile and nodding head. Sometimes I am so English..
'Mum', was really funny and told her daughter 'fall again, fall again!" While 'Dad' sauntered past us  more non-chalantly stating it was "one for the scrapbook"

It all happened too quickly for me to get you a picture, sorry about that! But hope you enjoy some of the day's pictures and the Racoons (yup, I finally saw them) we saw hanging about  in a tree near the 86th Street park traverse.


  1. That is great! Never know what can happen in NYC.

  2. Wow, didn't expect that, even though I read the title! What a wonderful world you inhabit. Loving the wildlife pictures too.

  3. Wow, another great blog I've discovered via atlanta anthony. I love turtles, we get a lot of them down here in florida. I have yet to see my first raccoon yet, though i see evidence of them stealing the trash, whenever the porch door is accidentally left open! I have seen lots of alligators and snakes, but I think it is unlikely I'll see an Uma Thurman in the near future!