Friday, 1 April 2011

Snow in April, Hawks and lovely people

So, I cant believe it is the 1st of April, and no I'm not trying to catch anyone out, but the weather seems to be having a joke, because it's really snowing in New York this morning!
I cant believe it. It's coming down with rain too so it's not really settling, but this weather is extraordinary, next week I'm told we'll start getting spring weather, I honestly cant wait!

Then yesterday I saw the beautiful Hawk again, this time she swooped in front of me, and even looked me in the eye, we stared at each other for a while and then she flew to a nearby tree, still looking back to check on me. Pale Male, I'm assuming, flew up behind and was even larger than she was, she took off after him, and they were amazing flying off together, such magnificent and graceful birds, it left me in awe, trying to follow them as they flew right in the direction I was heading.

I have also met some lovely people in the last week, all from other places, Texas and Argentina, but for people I just met at a press preview for an art exhibition called Freedom to Create they were excellent company to have a very nicely presented three course complimentary lunch... and I hope I meet with them again soon, as friends, for coffee.

And for some other great news, inspired NYC, had the fortune of appearing as one of 'The Best British Expat blogs' from a fellow Brit whose starting life in Atlanta.
I agree with him that our experiences are very different, given the places we're in, it's an interesting take and I like that he's not afraid to talk politics.  So, a good week in all!

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