Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World Aids Day in the Big apple

The temperature has dropped since the summer and we are having a good rainfall here December 1st, World Aids Day.

Many buildings, including the Empire State Building, the JFK Control Tower, the NASDAQ Marketsite Tower in Times Square and Brooklyn Borough Hall will be lit in red to draw awareness to AIDS prevention.  The Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum  will also be lit in red. For information, visit

 Lights on the Washington Square Park Memorial Arch will be switched off during a "Light for Rights" media event from 5:30  p.m. to 6:30  p.m to remember those who  have died of AIDS.  Fifth Ave. at Washington Square Park North.)
Such an amazing tribute by so many buildings, keeps aids in the minds of everyone, young and old, living with it, affected by it or not, it'd be good if we followed this example in London.
This day has always been important to me, as it has been a illness of our time as it were.
Finding out a good friend lives with it, has made it all the more important.
Wear your red ribbons today.

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  1. Indeed - its weird the way it has been sidelined here - after we grew up with those gravestone ads and everything!