Monday, 29 November 2010

Back in the USA

Well I'm back into this land of Uncle Sam, as it is known. Back into NYC soil. The weather is MUCH cooler but the sun still shines.. I made it in time for Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is the festival where the American's celebrate the early pilgrims who settled here making it through the winter with help from the Native American Indians- taught the settlers to plant, hunt fish etc, basically survive ...perhaps they even gave them a Turkey?

Mini Big Ben- at least that's what I call it
We had to do our food shop for the Turkey, Stuffing, Veg and Cranberry - traditional Christmas dinner I hear the Brits say, but no, this is traditional for Thanksgiving here, Christmas is a free for all apparently, though some do choose Turkey again.

The vibe was really friendly in the supermarket, if not incredibly crowded and no space at all for the shopping trolleys, but that's NYC supermarkets I've learned. Everything else in America is supersized, but not NY, apartments/flats and even the supermarkets are small but they have a fantastic parade of gi-normous proportions! Balloons as big as buildings, check out the picks and enjoy. Not really sure in what they pertain in regards to Thanksgiving traditionally but it was a lot of fun.
Again not sure what sports has to do with it?

We had enough Turkey for 3 days, and we chose a small one!

These ones were created by an artist from Japan, they were weird and scary

Shrek, comin through the crowds!

Have to mention the Cranberry, because it's so different from home, we have sauce, basically come pre-made in a jar and you stick a spoon in and help yourself- like a pickle or a jam, well here they buy it in a can, when you shimmy it out- carefully you have a mound of what looks like a jelly (UK Jelly). Then you're supposed to slice it in rounds and each person takes a round for their plate. No chunks of Cranberry in there, but it does the trick. (you can appently but cans with the chunks) but the point is all the Cranberry sauce comes in a can.

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  1. Wow amazing pics. I just think of food when I think of thanksgiving. It's amazing to see the parade! Must be fantastic to see for real :)