Friday, 30 July 2010

Gem of New York

So.. this is my final post for this part of the blog, as I'm three months in! and it is time to head back to English shores.. and I have to say, I was just getting used to it!!
There are things about New York that are very cool, and not found anywhere else in the US, like the fact you can order delivery from ANY restaurant, including places like Cipriani's, and a slice of Pizza from Joe's!
They'll come to you rain or shine, and quite late at night.. eating like that is cheaper than eating in, and given all the heat the kitchen gives off in a small apartment, in the heatwave it's better to order in..
Or take their 'Subway' (i keep calling it the Tube) runs all night.. they have to write engineering works posters from 12am-5am... when most Londoners wouldn't expect the tube to run anyway..

During this trip I've been quite ill, and so haven't been able to enjoy as much of New York as I might have wished.. but for now my gem in New York has been Central park.. every time I step in there, I find another wonder. First time it was little turtles popping their heads out of the green alge water, the second a Hawk -no kidding just perched high up on a branch looking out, apparently Central Park is the place where you'll find the largest variety of birds in the whole of the US. Then there's just the enormity and beauty of the park, the rambles where you can quite literally get lost.
Yesterday I got caught in the rain with no umbrella, and in the humid heat the rain was welcome, I took shelter by a tree, and watched another woman do the same..
As I watched the joggers continue past I started to see steam coming off the tarmac.. I know it sounds insignificant, but it was almost mysterious, and a little bit of magic..

Now that we have an apartment and settled, I cant wait to have people visit.. I'm looking forward to returning.. and continuing this blog.. there's so much more to write about!!
Adios for now Big Apple!

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  1. Interesting to hear the things London and NY have in common. I guess you'll be getting used to the cooler UK by now!