Monday, 12 July 2010

Boston for the 4th!

I was surprised by my lovely boyfriend with a trip to Boston, where, I am told is the best place to see the fireworks in America for Independence Day.  Its no surprise that Boston is a city steeped in Historical significance to the fight with the British for Independence and like London a river runs through it.
I loved Boston, a small walking city, that had a breeze even though it was mad  I was in for a treat this weekend to re-enactments of the 'Red coats' (the English) shooting at the out numbered looking for Freedom!

We did the 'thing' of picnic-ing all day to secure our place to see the fireworks, and I mean all day. It's like queuing for Wimbledon tickets, and instead of camping out from midnight we sat from 10am- till the fireworks began at 10.30! It being my birthday too, it was a fun day out in the sun, but not sure I'd repeat it.
After a nice tranquil beginning, the place filled up, till-honestly- not one patch of grass was left. People were stepping over people. We saw a family of 5 fill a patch the size of a large welcome mat, so we decided to schoch over on our big picnic blanket and offer them some room.

Turns out the 'Dad'- Dave worked for the FBI and gave me a badge, (that's a 'Pin' in American), for the FBI, which is a little smaller than a 10p coin, but I thought even at my age it's a pretty cool gift.

He told me they are impossible to get, which made it all the more unique! I'll admit it I was chuffed. He pointed out the irony of me being British, and my birthday is their Independence from my country and I was the butt of a lot of jokes this weekend, freedom from the British and all.
But they were all so lovely in Boston, and keep so many UK things around in their city, I cant help thinking that they love us really.
When I heard them play the opening of God Save the Queen to the incredulity of the FBI guy- Dave- and myself, I was sure they love us. Haha!


  1. Wow sounds like a fascinating trip! And you're an alien with FBI membership now?!