Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Time in the Big Apple

Christmas in the Big apple is what many Brits come to NYC for, and it's not hard to see why, when it's not too cold, it's fun to see the tree, the ice rink in the middle of the city and the middle of the park, they do chestnuts like we do on Oxford street. 
The lights are amazing this time of year, shop fronts and window displays at Sak's and other 5th ave stores are fun and inspiring. But one thing that still facinates me coming from a predominately Christian country and where the story of Christmas was taught to me from as far as I can remember from school. Is that in this melting pot of a city, and indeed across the US, the sense of political correctness and also community goes beyond recognising the may other celebrations of this time of year- Kwaanza- an African celebration, Channuka- a Jewish celebration and Eid- a Muslim celebration. So here it is more appropriate to wish 'Happy Holidays' or "season's greetings'.
Top of the tree at Rockerfella Center
Although I'm Hindu, growing up in London, I still cant stop myself wishing people A Very Happy Christmas...
So to you my blog readers, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwaanza, Happy Channuka, Eid Mubarak.. or just Happy Holidays-- phew.. I'm starting to see why that's the chosen greeting!

Skating at the Rockerfella Ice rink
Hark the herald angels sing.. ooh there's my C of E primary school again..
Merry Christmas!

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