Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dhol drumming with Jazz infusion plays Christmas

Outside the religious church stood this bloke
For all the fun things to do in New York for free, we found this one.
We went to a very cool Winter Festival near the Lincoln Center, near our 'hood' last week,

Streets were lined with food from local restaurants doing cheap deals, to entice people to have a taster and then go eat at the restaurant properly.
Nice Ice Sculptures- Nutcracker bloke I think?
There were Ice Sculptures courtesy of the religious folk of Lincoln Center, and saw some very fun dancing and singin around the Christmas Tree, done cheerleader style.

People of New York giving Bhangra a go.. bless em
while the band play
It was also a harvest, so we bought tins of food and we also got to see a Dhol player with a five piece brass band for free for a good long while! I know it sounds odd, but it worked. T'was fab.


  1. Hello there! Wow what a cultural melting pot you live in. Sat here in suburbia, UK it seems a million miles away :)

  2. Ta lovely... yes come over and melt with us!!x