Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Inspring places

Hello my blog reader,
After being featured on Emerald Magazine, and also asked by expedia.co.uk and even the Syfy.co.uk channel to be featured on this blog, I decided to write the e blog book- based completely on this blog.
I wanted to give it to you, my dear readers for free as it has new content as "Things I learned later" and a useful little guide on your Kindle or e reader.
Alas, Amazon wont let me price it for free for some reason, so please do email them and say that there is a lot of repeated content on this blog and you want it for free, apparently they do that, if you tell them. Where there's a will eh?
The link to it is right here on the left to the UK version, there is one of course on Amazon.com for the US version and available all across the world.
I'd also recommend the Not for tourist Guide to NYC if you're going to live there- so many useful things that you need to know when you're not a tourist and this is a nice compact book to get ideas from- the link is also to the left.
I will of course continue this blog, as my travels to NYC and the rest of the US are ongoing and this one Everything London. Come and join both blogs.

Emerald Magazine UK- sister to Stylist freesheet.

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