Thursday, 10 March 2011

Become your Dream; Central Park Advice...

"Become Your Dream"
Spring is almost here and I'm walking through Central Park yesterday to see how different it all looks and every 20 paces I see this on the ground..  notice the chalked in fish..very cool, I thought, from the advice of the philisophical artists of NYC.
After seeing many squirrels almost running about insane, I saw quite a few with a tail ripped to shreds and some with no busy tail left at all. It was suggested that these may be the Raccoons in the park- I've never seen one, but there are warnings of rabies on posters all over the park, incase one should bite you or your dog.
Also something quite different with parks in London, they have haystacks tied to the trees and lamp posts to ensure a softer landing from all the sledging downhill during the snow.. which hopefully is over for this year..they're still in place though..
Spring like haystacks.

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  1. I suppose you do become your dream if the dream is achieved - interesting thought. I would have 'straw bales' or maybe 'hay bales' rather than 'haystacks' just looking at your picture, but maybe I am just splitting hairs!