Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Hamptons!

So we got out of the city this weekend, hired a car and went off to the NYC much talked about Hamptons, where the rich and famous apprently live, course I didn't see 'em. But hey. I did see, the vineyards and we went wine tasting, which was fun, perhaps not the best wine on the planet, but fun none -the-less! Thankfully the American charm came out again, and people were chatting to us, even if they were from Manhattan, politely and we had a great laugh with strangers.. I love that about the US! :) Course the humor clashes, and I was worried several times I had offended people!
The Duck-winery
merlot, sryah and even ice wine grapes

It was lovely to get out of the city, even if only for a day.. many New Yorkers tell me occasional trips away is the way to keep you sane.My sister-in-law knows the Hamptons and always saying we should rent a house there in the summer, so I was excited about seeing it, and it was pretty and tranquil..
Driving into the town we were met  with a lovely little row of shops on the street side, no taller than a regular house- just for comparison on all of NYC tall buildings.
Sag Harbor

The amazing lighthouse at Monatuk Point with tours in the summer. Paddle surfers enjoying the swells at the beach.
Montauk point lighthouse
Beautiful swells by Montauk beach

This beach is frequented by turtles of all kinds throughout the year. And you can join organised walks along the beach to sea the seals this season. Sadly there was no walk on the day we visited, but conservation and education groups seem to be out in full force with a lot of information posted in the concession area.

And Deer! We went on a detour to drive close up to the water and get a glimpse of these beautiful houses we'd heard about and as we were driving away it just seemed that three Deer just appeared to the right of the car, looking directly at us. They came up so mysteriously we didn't hear them or see them at all, until they were right next to the car. Sadly my moving the window down scared them a bit, so the pictures are a bit 'lively' shall we say? So the second pic is after they ran in front of the car (we were stopped) and stopped to graze on the grass opposite.

We also saw a dead Deer on the side of the road, as well as a decapitated bunny and a Racoon on the highway. Too much human not enough space for the animals me thinks, so sad.
Not happy stuff, don't worry no pictures.

 TV series Royal Pains is set here, It's also the setting of Something's Gotta Give, always makes me think of that beautiful house by the beach in where she does her writing: ah my dream home...  just across the water we saw there was a 'New London' twist on the New York? and Mystic, where Mystic Pizza story/film was set. In all a beautiful day, even if it was chilly and a great day out of the city, refreshed for this week!


  1. Love the Hamptons! I used the work there during summers and miss it now that i've been stuck to the city for so many years. Those beaches are to die for...

  2. The Hamptons is a great destination for people who want to retire. This is one place where they can relax and enjoy the full benefits of their retirement.

  3. Katz, I agree, it must have been a great place to be for the Summer! I'd like to see those beaches when it's warmer :)

    @Adult communities- The Hamptons is a great retirement place I'm sure,and close for those who want to be close to NYC but it's deffinately for the more affluent retiree, lets face it.
    And if you didn't mind not being near the city I'd say Cape Cod, or Nantucket would be good alternatives,interesting plug to your website though!