Saturday, 16 July 2011

movie magic in NYC

Glee filming- big balloons down the main Mall
For any film buff or celeb spotters, living in NYC affords many surprises around a corner.

As you know Uma Thurman came around the corner in Central park picking up the fallen child post.
I've been stumbling on the more organised collation of stars at live filming locations all over NYC.
First, I was lucky enough to stumble upon filming of Glee in Central Park, though I've never quite got into the show, it sure seems like they put a lot into it!

Trailers in Central Park

 There were so many trailers taking up a large section of the park, they were 'roped off', the stars, no doubt were preparing inside the cool air conditioning, whilst outside fans congregated in the melting humidity waiting to catch a glimpse...
and the fans...

Willie Garson from 'Sex and the City', filing 'White Collar'
Whilst wandering around Soho, I came across Willie Garson aka Stanford Blatch from Sex and the City.
But again a show I've caught maybe four episodes of, and they might not be whole ones.

I think they were filming White Collar
because of boards prohibiting parking around the corner.

I've worked at Industrial Light and Magic and of course we filmed things, but that was usually in a studio, or on a blue/green screen. So although I'm not really a celeb spotter or a cult TV watcher, I find there is deff something fun, exciting and magical about watching the mayhem that is filming in public, and how many people gather to watch or hang around the trailers waiting for something to happen... unlike my encounter with Uma, I took pictures this time! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. From the outside it often feels overly-protective when shoots are roped-off by security staff, but it's quite understandable when you look deeper into doing a shoot in public. I once was keen on entering a competition to make a music video, and I had a great idea that we'd film in our local park, but the I discovered in the terms and conditions for the comp it said all people depicted in the video must sign release forms – which means even the occasional member of the public in the background must be chased down and made to sign a piece of paper – which of course isn't going to happen. So I understand why shoots are kept to studios, or large swathes of park are closed off and filled with paid extras!