Thursday, 11 August 2011

UK News coverage on US TV

As a journalist, and one born and bred in London, I try to follow the News in the UK as much as I can.
The Murdoch/Brooks/ News International and NotW scandal  and the London riots have shocked me as much as anyone - I've endeavored to follow as much as I can.

Some channels seem to like personalities to read the news it seems rather than broadcast readers who simply give you the news straight, they are often glamorous, have tonnes of make up, in brightly coloured studios and frequently have chats and air their personal views on a story... I know it sounds a bit like ITV1. The only exception I've found being New York 1 - which is the news channel specifically addressing news covering only NY, Manhattan including the state of NY, professional and very focused on the stories they need to report, with no frills.

 Still both these particular stories hasn't held much air time it seems so far, so aside from what I can get from BBC live feeds and online papers, I've tried many different news stations/channels.

Don Lemon on CNN interviewed an ex editor of NotW, the ex editor was saying that phone hacking was apparently common practice, he was not specifically referring to any particular paper, but Don Lemon was quick to say  words to the effect of 'oh no, that doesn't happen here at all, that's not how we do journalism in the US' then cut him off.  Now, of course, the potential phone victims of 9/11 being hacked are suddenly making bigger news here.
Some US stations have made the point that if UK Law 'has it's way' that James Murdoch 'may not inherit his legacy',  also giving Wendy Murdoch lots of credit to 'fending off'  Jonathan May-Bowles shaving foam pie, making her a celebrity and giving her lots of kudos. Piers Morgan is a CNN presenter, and although locals I've spoken to don't understand why he won such a coveted spot, CNN is backing Morgan despite the involvement he is accused of having in the hack-gate affair.
Wired, US have even been talking about starting to cast the 'News corp-Hollywood version'.

So when the London riots began, I discovered it Sunday in a 30 second blurb on the news on CNBC, I wasn't taking risks this time and have been following this time watching constantly on BBC online and The Guardian, although my NY buds tell me CNN made it the story of the day yesterday.
I'd be interested in what you think of the news coverage, and what your experience is of the tough times Londoners are facing.
I hope you've all been safe, my heart is with you all, it's actually a very hard time to be away.


  1. I must admit I tend to rely on BBC America for TV news and some CNN progs, not much else. I love Fareed Zakaria's GPS on CNN for world news.

    My American wife warned me before I came the US how bad it was, but I was genuinely shocked by the quality of US TV news. Much of it focuses on entertainment rather than information, or has a political agenda.

    Having said all that, I tend to follow events online more than tv, anyway, and like you, followed the NOTW scandal and riots in the UK. (I forgot, I should call them them the 'England Riots', and not the 'UK Riots', after the people in Scotland complained! Fair enough, I suppose! Hehe!)

  2. Well said Paul! way too much entertainment in it. I bet you're glad you had the warning eh? I was really surprised. I will check out Fareed Zakaria's GPS bulletin as you suggest! Thanks for the heads up.
    Scotland will be in it soon ;) hehe- only kidding!!!!