Monday, 29 August 2011

Hurricane Irene and not being in NYC

Hurricane Irene, tropical storm approaching Miami
 You may remember last year in the very hot, humid summer in New York, Manhattan, I was diagnosed with Bronchitis, but with all the blood I coughed up my UK Doc told me it was more likely Pneumonia, and as an asthmatic that can happen too easily when it's all too humid mixed with pollution: just as the movie 'In America' shows,
when Samantha Morton is finding it hard to breathe- also an asthmatic- and her endearing husband, drags home an air conditioning window unit, hook or by crook through the streets of NY.

This year it worked out well then, that this summer we have travelled a lot, with our new base in Miami, Arizona and also to Northern California.

Its hard to see but it's pouring of rain and windy, but very warm
Thanks to serendipity, Hurricane Irene just gave us in Miami a bit of a whipping on the Thursday before it hit NYC, as my pictures show, by way of a tropical storm
But New York got hit by a category one, which was so much stronger, fellow blogger based in NY state, Clintondale, who lost power until today has posted this on You Tube as the streets were ripped apart by Hurricane Irene.

Thank heaven this hurricane has passed now, and hurricane season is almost over! Though it's pretty scarey with the anticipation, even when it's not as strong as they thought it would be.


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